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origami fear leads to anxiety
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x marks the spot.


by origami

I was given a map.

It was supposed to show me the way. It was supposed to take me on an endless adventure. But its only destination was mortality

There was an X on the map.

I was to find what was hidden at that X.

That was my goal.

But I was supposed to discover little things along the way. Confidence, creativity, imagination, leadership, diversity

Its destination may have been death

but the treasure was finding myself. So I began my journey, I was looking to find myself.

I met you along my journey.

You tagged along and everyday became an adventure. I found myself taking wrong turns and misguided steps.

I discovered that a lot of me was lost in you.

How could I finish my quest when what I was looking for was put into you?

But does it really matter to me?

We’ll go on an endless adventure Because I think I already found my destination.

Maybe that was the answer.

The X on the map was you.

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