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origami fear leads to anxiety
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a poem based on truth.


by origami

The Warriors won that game.

It proved we weren't a curse to them. Maybe, I think that we were cursed

4 years and 4 days apart

To you, age is everything but a number.

I miss

I crave those night drives back from the city. The signs never shined so brightly, and I wish we got lost down one way streets

The lost laughs

The memories made on opposite sides of the country, They all spill out during the car ride, the experiences I'm not old enough to have (legally)

The drive was too short,

and shorter than last time. No lingering sadness from the loss, like the last time.

My laugh felt a little more real,

and the winter didn't seem as cold as a California winter normally did.

Maybe we were cursed.

I am afflicted by my own demons and fears, always seeing the darkness in things. You, learning to fix that kind of thing with pills and magic potions.

Your presence is enough

to fix me in the moment, to make me forget about my perpetual sadness, happy for the moment

We live in worlds far apart.

I don't know the next time we will drive the city, maybe I'll be old by then, maybe you won't have to fix me again.

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