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based off of the Chinese legend of the red string of fate

Red String of Fate

by origami

I didn’t want any attachments,

But I watched the red string of fate wrap around our fingers. Now this string has grown old, Worn out, And almost broken.

We too,

have grown old, Worn out, And broken

You moved forward and made something out of your life,

But I was tied to my past, Unchanging and halted and haunted by my demons,

Time passed

And I didn’t move with it. I swam against that current, and it left me dying And dead.

I didn’t want to trust anyone,

But the wall I put in front of me crumbled, And I got attached, With strings wound around my fingers And around my ankles.

I didn’t want to trust myself,

But I put my faith into my hands, And it all melted away with my emotions, It seeped through the cracks in my fingers.

I guess I held on for too long.

I let myself down, Time and time again.

I didn’t want to trust love,


But our strings were tied, and I fell

Down, so far, into this dark pit of love. I was the princess and you were the prince, And I watched you fall in love With someone else,

Time and time again,

and the prince ran off with the wrong princess

I didn’t want to be alone,

But I hated the strings that attached me, To everyone And to you. So I sit with you in my solitude, Which we enjoy together, In its own comforting silence.

I never wanted to trust

or to be alone or to have any attachments

Now, the end of the sting that used to be so short

Has stretched out and weathered to a bitter remorse. What had seemed so strong was now Just holding on by the last thread

I tried to say goodbye

And cut the string, Just to get rid of the sadness and grief and pain

But it’s too late now

Our lives, Our hands, Our hearts Are forever bound by this red string of fate.

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