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origamifear leads to anxiety
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Fun fact of the day


by origami

When I was young,

I used to go to a Vietnamese church every Sunday, religiously.

I can't speak Vietnamese...

My mother shamed for not teaching me, I'm shamed for not knowing. I used to know, but going to school made me forget. but I still know when my mom is talking about me.

Have you ever been to church?

Have you ever been to a sermon where everyone speaks in a tongue you don't understand? I remember falling asleep, I was four years old.

I stopped going.

I don't remember why, all I know is that my mom and I stopped going, after I broke my arm.

Fun Fact:

The pastor was stealing his sermons from other people online, that's what my aunt said, I didn't know. But it didn't mean much to me. I can't speak Vietnamese.

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This was so rational. That is unusual for this time of year. About church, there is less there than meets the eye. You wrote this with great care to the meaning of your verses. Great post!!!!