Mixed Girl

Mixed Girl
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organicshvwty Community member
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Mixed Girl

Mixed girl. With the pretty light brown skin. The perfect curly hair and beauty within.

Some think she’s had the best life because of her hair and skin but truth be told she never knew where she fit in.

Too black for the white lids and to white for the black. Begged her mom to straighten her hair because there was something inside she lacked.

You thought she had it so good but truth be told she was so misunderstood. All the creepy guys drooling over her. As she got older she didn’t know if the men really wanted her or just lusted her on the low.

Confused about what her skin color was not knowing what to identify when she called herself “Black” they gave her slanted eyes.

Not all mixed girls had it easy. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow. We all go through stuff no matter the color of our skin beneath the surface we endure pain that nobody sees in.

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