Nameless poem #∞
Nameless poem #∞ wonder stories

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Nameless poem #∞

Rumble N toil, tumble and soiled. A gamble of gambit, endlessly candid. Hopelessly foiled by systems. Abandoned, christened by spoils. Listen hear what is written.

Don't recklessly glisten, only admit it. Be honest, dis-embroil. Lonely, outwitted, just not the fondest. Dethroned and doiled, rust rimming around, coiled. Dolled up growing bemoaned.

Disowned by the soul. Ego, he goes, she goes. We throw around, our ground. The hours ground like bite size woe's. Whoa there... The flowers around, Are quite nice. Let's be fair.

For this lively fair has many a thing fair. Made then and there, where and when. Fun is scarce but it is Zen. So be yourself and take care. Like Goku he always bares.

You are one soul. In life take ten strolls. For every stroll a hundred goals. And then every goal dream on! Be forever so wondered.


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