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For the daily prompt :) hope you like it.


A sparkling mirror, waiting there

The surface bright and clear

I just meandered through daily life

And suddenly, it was here

I don't know what it's trying to show me

What it expects me to do

So I stare thoughtfully at the glass

And then leap and jump right through

I ended up in eternal darkness

I vault of sorrow and pain

Looking back for a way out

And the mirror does not remain

Frightened now, I glance around

A million souls whispering

Sobbing, crying, screaming,

Gasping and whimpering

I back off, this eternal night

How it too scares me so

Endless black, a gaping hole

And there's no place to go

But what is that there? A single star

Oh how it feels so bright

What is it? It is a single soul

That has begun to fight

Hasn't given in to their darkest fears

That soul glows near and far

It is then that I realize

We can all be a star

So awaken, and you will find embers

When they're hot enough they'll spark

So don't stay trapped, don't stay hidden,

And find the hope in the dark

Written by: Diana @orcastogether

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