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My bias about finding the right ONE. by opsraven

1. Having to continuously glance at them.

We've all done it. Unless you're asexual.

2. Check if they're single.

Best to avoid catty people. Tend to spark one bad thing about you to a forest fire bigger than hell.

3. What is their current situation and future goals.

Great for icebreaking.

4. Mutual friends.You'll be surprised how small the world is

A MUST., especially if you've actively known a lot of people in the past.

5. Past relationships.(unless it's your first)

Humans are curious. and it's amazing how 7billion+ people have their unique stories.

6. See each other for 1 - 3months

ONE month is my threshold. Because time is constant. Don't waste it.

7. Intuition.

Everything won't be perfect, but seeing them should make you absolutely blissful.

Some parts of our life were meant for another to fulfill

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