There's a Sorrow for Every Light (a poem)

                  There's a Sorrow 
                       Every  Light

                           (a poem) sam stories

opaqueclarityKitKats are a state of mind
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A poemmmmmm by moi

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times
--Ye Olde Bearded Wizard

There's a Sorrow for Every Light (a poem)

A high-rise at the first stroke of midnight...

We're all a little broken and marred.

Glimpse the fire's shadows in the moonlight,

So drops the church's stained glass window shard.

A sad mind began to burn and ignite...

We're all a little splintered and charred;

Notice that they are no longer affright...

So clicks the gun's trigger toward hearts unbarred.

A still body lies at the first twilight...

We're all a little shattered and scarred.

Look at the billows of smoke alight...

So starts the procession in the churchyard.

A tear fell in the beautiful sunlight...

We're all supposedly held in regard;

Stare up at sparkling, glittering starlight...

So begins memories anew in avant-garde.

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