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onyxtoddAnd at the end of fear, oblivion.
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One with nature

I Am a Nemophilist

I find solace in the woods In the beauty of tall trees surrounding me, giving comfort where human words cannot

The Feeling of Security

The forest brings a feeling of security that only they can Surrounded by plant and small animals, hearing the sounds that only the woods can create.

The Feeling of Isolation

Being away from society Their hatred Their ignorance And just taking inspiration from the green that can only be found in such a way in the woods

The Feeling of Family

When you enter the woods, you enter an entire family Wolves and deer, mice, birds, and rabbits. That feeling is like being surrounded by family, and it's amazing.

The emptiness of leaving

That empty feeling you get when you leave. Like knowing you can come back, but you're so attached you don't ever want to leave.

I Am A Nemophilist

Spirit entwined with the woods, forever haunting every tree, each animal, and finding beauty with ever fallen leaf and broken twig.

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