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Dear Mother

by Onyx Maries

Dear Mom

Thank you for your support

Your wisdom

Your friendship

Your guidence

Your humor

You are my other half, my sister

I cherish every moment I have with you

(And I know you love me too, admit it ;) )

And even though you make me stay up just to watch crap

Sometimes I enjoy it... Sometimes.

Pizza Friday's were enforced by you

We both give secrets that we *probably* should out

You got me into reading

Without me, you'd probably be a LOT lonelier.

I know I'm not the *best* kid

*KID. Not daughter, not son. 'kay?*

You're not perfect either..

But you're MY mother

MY friend

MY sister

And I don't know what I'd do without you.

P.S. We probably should get some friends...

And stop watching Gilmore Girls so much!

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