the star i once met

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the star i once met

by onssbouzidi

I saw him today, no ,not on another dream not like a passing shadow.. i told you i saw him today the real him with his dreamy eyes and soft voice that stick im my head like a melody..

it just stopped raining and i didnt even notice that my hair got wet while i was staring at him smilling like an angel , an angel you know exist, and you heard about it's beauty

But you cant talk to him, because if you touch him you'll defile his purness with your darkness and you'll take the joy from his heart, and i never wanted that...

3 years ago he came to my life like a star, he got into my eyes made them sparkle like a precious diamonds before they turn into an endless tears after he left..

i loved him, i loved him, i loved him, with every corner of my dark soul and i still do , i'll always do.. but that doesnt make him stay and it never will, its not enough,im not enough..

like i said he is an angel and everyday i sleep praying that he find he is pure angel to save him because i know he is so lonely that he had to kiss a devil as dark as me

to fill the holes of his broken heart..

i know it sounds silly, all my friends laugh to me when i tell them this story but i think when all my friends made a wish when a star passed by one night of summer when we were of the roof

except me who was breath taking by the beauty of the star it self, God send me a star on the forme of an angel.. with a big heart and magical touch..

im greatful that i once met him , even if it was for a short time im greatful and i'll always will be..

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OMG thank you so much!!

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This was exquisitely painful. You wrote so lyrically that we were able to almost sing this. It was mellifluous and had a flow of words that brought your message through​ with plaintive beauty. good job.!!!