2:34am sad stories

onlyfools im putting together the pieces i lost
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it's 2:34am, and you're not here.


by onlyfools

i'm one with darkness. the void feeling in my chest the nothingness it's like any other night

i try to breathe but the fire in my throat cuts me short the burning of the shot down liquor i'm alive but barely

alone with my thoughts, i think of you you left me after you promised you wouldn't i believed you like a fool only fools believe the words you spit

i wanted to believe i wanted to be with you i wanted us to be the forever that i couldn't fathom

it's late in the night and all im wishing for is your voice your smile your way of reassuring that i am not my mistakes that i am better than i believe but i won't hear that from you anymore

you think i'm the worst person you've ever met, and you may be right in your reality but i never left you when you needed me most i never left you when everybody else would i never left

i won't be the one for you anymore and while it hurts like hell this may all be for the best in the end and maybe one day i will accept that

but for now i'll drown the pain the only way i've ever known diving head first into the old habits i had once lost for you've never liked the taste of liquor on my lips

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