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Hi. um. help please.

there's something wrong

by onlyadreamer

how do they not see it

how do they not hear

how do they not feel it

how do they sit in silence as my wordless screams ring out

how to they stare blindly as the colors of my vision fade

how are they distant and cold as my emotions slowly drip drip drip away

"no, you're not _________!" i fear they'll say

"you just can't be!"

for i am their golden girl

the saving grace

the heir to a generation

what could possibly be wrong with me

but i know that if they knew what happens in my head

how my thoughts go fuzzy if there's a blanket of soft , sharp noises

or if they could listen to my inner monologue

the constant reminding myself that I'll never be good enough for the people I love

hell, if they saw what i write sometimes when i'm feeling at my worst

would they finally notice?

oh, if they only knew

that not so deep inside of me, just behind the walls that i've thrown up

there is something very wrong

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