I think I'm gonna do just fine
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This is meant mostly for humor at this point. Also, I needed to vent.

I think I'm gonna do just fine

by onlyadreamer

to preface, all names have been changed because im about to spill all of the tea

so i have - sorry /had/ this pretty solid friend group. It was me, Aria, and Kat (Katherine).

Aria is the kindest and sweetest girl in the history of ever. i used to have a crush on her in 6th grade, but i'm over it, and we're pretty close.

And Kat. hoohoohoohoo. She used to be pretty nice, and she was more popular than me and Aria, so she kept us relatively socially stable. We wrote together sometimes.

We'd had our occasional disagreements, but everything was usually alright. Until yesterday.

Kat is having a big birthday/slumber party, and she invited me and Aria, along with some other non-school friends a month or so ago.

Unfortunately, at the time she was inviting people, i was unable to come. yeah, that sucks, yadda yadda we're over it.

hA wrong. for 6 weeks, i get SO MUCH CRAP about it. and she made a point of talking to aria about it right in front of me as much as possible.

she pressured me to talk myself out of the event that was keeping me from the party, and kept doing so after i told her that that wasn't an option for me.

for whatever anxiety and fear of lonliness-ridden reason, i brushed it off, thinking that she was just stressed from studying.

(for the record, aria wasn't joining in on it, she can just be a little oblivious sometimes.)

But then i hear two days ago that, due to a strange set of circumstances, i can go to the party. yay!

again, wrong. I came up to Kat at the beginning of school yesterday and was like, "hey, i just found out that i can come to your party! yay!"

and then this girl who has given me SO much shit

just sorta tsks and says, 'oh, um, after i heard that you weren't coming, i kinda invited other people, so yeah, you cant come.'

which, by itself, would be fine. I wasn't able to come, so she invited someone else. totally cool.

EXCEPT she was sooo rude to me after i said i couldn't come, and made /me/ feel like crap for it. that's just jive on a bunch of levels.

so i spent all of yesterday feeling like shit.

UNTIL i got home. The first thing I heard was that I had been accepted into a really good school (sidebar - YAAAY). That alone made my day 10x better.

That is, until my mom tells me that she got a note from Kat's mom that said i COULD come to the party.

I just sorta stand there and look at my mom like '???? what is going on????' and i tell her what transpired at school.

My mom writes back to bridget (kat's mom) asking about the situation.

we hear a couple hours later that bridget has talked to kat and that i'm welcome to come to the party.

now, at this point, it's not about the party itself. it's that she made me feel like crap after blatantly LYING to my face, and now is trying to weakly salvage it.

I'm left with 2 options - go to the party just out of spite to shame her for lying


keep my pride, not go to the party, and send a huge middle finger to kat in my last few days at that school.

Needless to say, i'm not going to kat's party

kat will probably socially ruin me, but my friend Abel and his girlfriend Marielle have already offered to help me out.

And ya know what?

I think I'm gonna do just fine.

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