One night, some time ago -A collection of thoughts-
One night,  some time ago
-A collection of thoughts- 
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A truth for a friend. Nothing new. Just written words now.

One night, some time ago -A collection of thoughts-

00:48 I miss you. I miss you so much, it literally hurts. I still ache, after so much time and I wish for your breath next to mine. I need to get over it, I need to move on. `Cause there is no more breath and you can’t come back. But I don’t. (Instead I sing)

01:02 I missed my chance. We were coexisting. And still, I am crying.

01:04 You’re already gone for too long. Will this ever stop? (Phantompain)

01:11 I‘m still in denial. I want you back. Even though I never had you. I want to hate you. But instead I hate myself.

01:12 You fucking saved my life. Why can’t you be here?

01:13 I feel cold.

01:16 I miss you way too much for someone I didn’t know.

01:27 everytime I‘m alone at night, when it’s 2AM on another 18th and I‘m listening to your music, I feel it. I know that even in the most distant future my heart will remain a little shattered and a little broken because of this one night. Because you left.

01:32 In music, you exist. In music, I exist. We do.

Another night, later -Just one thought-

Unknown time Thank you for making me live, for saving my life. I’m healing. And you will stay in my heart.

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