Just a secret
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There are things I cannot tell you even though you used to be my listener.

Just a secret

by onceamazingyna

Thank you

You showed up at the time of my solitude and minimized my loneliness. You have brought so much fun in my life. You laughed at my corny jokes and they appear comical and valuable.


Staring at the ceiling, reminiscing how we had fun every second we're together. You hate my smile, I don't know why. You said, I'm ugly-maybe, that's why. But, whatever you say, I just smile.


How could it happen? Why does my heart beat hysterically when you're around me? It didn't go like that before. Why did my mind start to wander to where we were? Why I want to see you now?


There's no point to lie. I don't know how to betray my emotions but my emotions betray me through my eyes. What do I really feel about you-It's crystal clear! That I fell in love with you.

From a distance

You can never give me a chance;It came from your mouth. Follow your heart. I wish you happiness with your beloved. I'll be in a distance, only want you happy even if it 's not with me.

Fixing a broken heart

The way I keep it a secret might help me heal my wounded heart. You didn't know it changed. And you will never know how I get to fix it. The same as you will never know, I got hurt.

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