The Murder on Draco Ave.
The Murder on Draco Ave. thriller stories

once_upona_time There was a time when I was alone.......
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Chapter 1: This story may contain some scary images.

The Murder on Draco Ave.

Chapter 1: The Boy Who Went Missing

Our story starts with a town. A small town named Redland. This town is known for it's normal atmosphere. As in this case, the town of Redland is quiet and secretive. Everyone in this town has a story, mostly a scary one. People are preppy and perfect, that's what everyone thinks...

But really everyone is hiding under a mask that's forever glued on. Yes of course, the town is beautiful in the winter season. The schools? Very secretive, all the teens of Walen High are differ. Behind the walls are answers, hidden for an unknown reason.

Someone knows, there's always someone. There's one street that isn't preppy nor perfect, Rival street. Parents tell the children to be home before the sunsets. A big surprise, no one in Redland had been outside in the night, where the moon reveals.

Legend says that a spirit roams the street for revenge.

Legend says that a spirit roams the street for revenge. Smelling your fear and making your nightmares a reality. Look into it's eyes and your soul is taken. Like a parasite.

It all started June 13 this summer. The search and mystery of Quinn Anderson.....

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