🐍Meet My Sides🐍 {Part 1}

🐍Meet My Sides🐍

{Part 1} commaful stories

once_upona_time I'm one of the broken hearts......
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part 1

🐍Meet My Sides🐍 {Part 1}

Look some of you already know me from the account raven_darkness_ But we are doing this again so yeah.

Lets start with me!

Name: Talia (but people of commaful call me raven) Zodiac: Cancer Sexual: Bisexual Loves: Writing, singing, dancing, creating, art (not drawing) Hates: School! Fun-Fact: Loves RIVERDALE!


My Logic/empathy/shyness/darkness Name: Harper/K.o.d/cancer Zodiac: Gemini/cancer Sexual: Straight Loves: Making Jokes, Harry potter, writing and Math. Hates: Her brother, dresses. Fun-fact: Has 2 personallites and can do witch-craft (dont care?)

My Morality Name: Lucus Zodiac: Libra Sexuality: Bisexual Loves: Cartoons, Saturdays, Spongebob, Emojis. Hates: Facebook Fun-Fact: Has a crush on jade Lucus: Wait WHAT?!

He might look mean but he is not.

My Passion/Grit/ Talent Name: Victoria Zodiac: Leo Sexuality: Lesbian Loves: Perfoming, Acting, Music, Canada, Harry Potter also, Hates: Rich People Fun-Fact: Is a princess

My Imagination (i dont have a creativity) Name: Raven (you still can call me raven) Zodiac: Tarus Sexuality: Lesbian Loves: Creating, Sanders sides, purple. Hates: Being 15, Probably K.o.d. Fun-fact: Is one of my important sides.

PEACE MY DARK ANGELS AND DEVILS! Im going to do a part two!

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