Ice queen; Favor to the heart (Part: 1)
Ice queen; Favor to the heart (Part: 1) romance stories

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What will happen?

Ice queen; Favor to the heart (Part: 1)

Asher's P.O.V

"What the hell.." I start to say, as I look around the room. Everything is so blurry, I look on the right to see a male in a mask, next to a woman. "What is going on? Why am I here" I groan in pain, they don't answer me back. I start to breath heavily, what the hell? It's hard to breath,

I shoot up and gasp for air. " Hey, hey, it was just a dream." My mother says, handing my some water. I nod, taking it slowly. "Asher, you will be getting a servent.." My mother informed as I sip on my water. I roll my eyes, cause my mother treats the maid we have, like they are nothing. I wish I could do something, but if I do

I wouldn't become ice queen. "Oh, he's here now!" She says, clapping. Wait "HE"?!?!

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