Disney World sucks, i'm not working there!
Disney World sucks, i'm not working there! commaful stories

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Here are my reasons!

Disney World sucks, i'm not working there!

Disney World can make little girls’ dreams to be Disney princesses come true. Living at Disney World, being a princess — sounds like a dream job, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

10. The workers there can't choose what princess they will be! The audition for becoming a Disney character is very complex and can last up to 8 hours. You have to be open to any Disney role, and only the employer can decide which one you will get based on both your performance and the roles they currently need.

This means that even if the candidate makes the perfect Ariel but they’re looking for Cinderella, they may not get the job. This is why a person may have to audition multiple times to get a part. And what’s even worse, is that they’re only allowed to try out once a year!

9. Disney princess can't break character. Everyone who’s chosen to be a Disney Princess at Disney World has to go through character-training before they actually start to work.The point of this is to not only learn everything about the character, but also to learn how to speak, move, and act like the character.

Additionally, it’s important to learn how to answer any question that could be asked correctly. This means that the actor should live in the universe of the character completely, and it’s forbidden to mention any characters that were not in the original story or to show that they know anything about life outside of Disney World.

All of this is crucial in making people believe that they are communicating with a real Disney Princess which makes the experience truly magical.

8. They need to work as fur animals before they’re allowed to portray their character. Not only does the lucky person who was hired have to go through the training, but they also have to deserve to be a character without a mask.

Before getting the dreamy job of being a Disney princess, any new employee must work as a “fur” character like Minnie Mouse or Pluto.

7. They’re trained to sign autographs. There’s only one Belle in the Disney universe, however there’ve been many actresses at Disney World who’ve portrayed her over the years.

It becomes crucial for any actress who plays the same character to give absolutely identical autographs, because they have to look like the same person signed them. The autograph you got from Belle yesterday must be identical to the one your friend got 8 years ago, because they are both from the one and only Belle.

6. They can portray different characters. Although it’s hard to get the job, once you get it, you’ll probably be more than one character.

Mostly each person portrays 2 or 3 characters, which means they have to have special training for each of them and be able to switch roles pretty quickly — one day you’re a sweet Snow White and the next you’re fearless and independent Merida.

5. They can’t post about their job on social media. If you dream of getting a job as a princess and posting cute photos of yourself in a gorgeous dress to share with friends and family, it’s not going to happen.

Disney World has very strict rules about social media accounts that all employees must adhere to. It’s restricted to post any photos or videos related to the job or to write anything about it — it’s even forbidden to reveal which character you portray.

This rule is probably in place to maintain the magic of Disney, because seeing a Disney princess being an ordinary person would definitely ruin it.

4. They have code words for emergencies. There’s nothing surprising about hearing that in a place like Disney World, with an array of overexcited kids, some emergency situations can occur — kids can throw up or pee their pants.

t’s forbidden to break character in any situation or for the characters to draw attention to the incident in order not to ruin a child’s most magical day of their life. That’s why Disney came up with some code words for their employees to use.

For example, “Code V” is used for vomiting and “Code U” refers to bathroom incidents.

3. The job can be dangerous. Almost every girl dreams of being turned into a princess and wants to try on gorgeous princess dresses, but it’s not as comfortable as it seems. Actresses not only sweat all day long when it’s hot and get completely chilly when it’s cold, but they often get injured.

Broken knees and dislocated shoulders are pretty common among Disney princesses. Another thing is that they also become victims of aggression coming from guests.

2. Their career doesn’t last long and the job is low-paid. Working conditions in Disney World are pretty strict. It’s not that easy to wear a perfect smile all day long without getting the chance to sit and rest.

Not to mention that weather conditions can be really awful sometimes. All of these factors contribute to the fact that it’s not an easy job to be a princess and give everyone one of the most magical days of their life. What’s more, is cast members don’t really get paid well for the struggles they’re forced to endure.

Moreover, a character career isn’t something that will last long. 27 is the age of retirement, however most Disney Princess actresses are between 18-23 years old. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

yep it sucks

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