The Taming of Tempis
The Taming of Tempis  horses stories

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by Elizabeth Hensley Snorting breath and windy mane!

The Taming of Tempis

by Elizabeth Hensley for Stephany

Snorting breath and windy mane! Pounding hooves and blazing eyes. Tempest was his name! None could tame him None dared try

Or even to catch his fiery eye: Out of the desolate tors he came As wild as the winds, As wild as the rains, As wild as a raging flame!

As wild as the uncaught Sky! Then came a Girl with golden hair A gentle voice and a heart of care. Her words were soothing to his ears.

She soothed his nerves. She calmed his fears. He bowed to her And became her own. And over the rocks And the dunes they'd roam.

Over the lands And over the fields Over the mountains high; The misty Girl with the golden hair And the Horse with the blazing eye.


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