dragon people pt.4
dragon people pt.4 dragon stories

oliviathepanda hot dogs are the best dogs 🤤🌭
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dragon people pt.4

that night

miss anything before you go to bed

no not anything but thank you

good night your majesty

ahhh no no no queen savanna is not hot brain

ok you can handle this


y-yes your m-majesty she said flustered

could you stay here tonight I don't trust my old servant to come here in the middle of the night

umh, sure anything for your majesty

savanna patted her hand on the side of the the bed where it was empty

uhh ok...

tonama gets in the bed

well wanna know more about you tomana like here where did your name come from

well I got it from my mother and well the meaning is wishing well

that means you can make wishes come true

I guess

but to my father I have always been a burdin

really did he say that to you

well yeah...

I promise I will never feel that way ok


in the morning


omg I am so sorry!?!

no no it fine

wait why is my hair up

oh it kept hitting my face so I put it up

oh! 😳

its ok

this one was extra long sorry!

bye my panda's 🐼🐼

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