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by olivianicoleada

So it is 9:53 again

For some reason this is always when I seem to notice the time passing

Ive found this number on my clock every night for the past month

This is when you called me

You told me you couldn't breathe But you lied I heard you

You were there on the other end And I was hanging on every word

You told me this was so hard

But you made it look easy

Words slidding off your tongue like they were coated in oil

And my mind a match igniting them

They are seared in my brain And play over again.

Every night at 9:53

And you never really were good at keeping your word

I think that's why my heart is waiting for you to call

To break from what you said And just call me

I don't know that I'd rather you call or that maybe now I just want to forget this time

To fall asleep before so I don't have to see it every night When I can't see you

But it keeps me up until it passes

Another night

Until the phone rings

And I don't answer

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