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by oliviadinosaur

The peace was in the fact that I was fine. I had no problems. All my worries and fears drifted. I knew it was over

I had made it far enough to just... give in. Stop trying to protect myself. Instead, I braced for impact.

Today I had decided that whatever happened. It would be over soon enough. Just get it over with, I said.

Now youre confused because I havent mentioned suicide yet. But that's not what happened.

I had decided to go on the roof. Even though I knew he was up here. He being that awful, dreadful shadow following me ever since I killed him.

You can imagine what happened. I climbed onto the roof and I was pushed. And I fell. But I didn't scream or cry. I accepted the fate.

Karma. Karma had done this. The real force. I got what I deserved. And I deserved what I got

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