Invisible lgbtq stories

oliverurs old account was @Zelda, got deleted
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to be clear this is a fiction lol although i am trans

I am invisible to most. Not literally. I just do not stand out in a crowd. People don't really ever notice me or talk to me ever.

I am the one and only true definition of a lonely depressed person. It is my senior year of high school and it's almost over. I have nobody to hangout with ever. I am always alone. Forever.

Along with this not even my teachers notice me. I am a straight "F" student. I can never get a hold of my emotions and to express the way I feel about things.

I am just now giving up on trying in school it is not like I ever place much effort into it anyway. The bell is about to ring. School is almost out.

I will be "thrilled" to be sitting on the bus alone like I do everyday. Nobody ever sits with me or near me.

It is like they think I've got a highly contagious virus or something (which I don't). Or the fact that I am transgender. I am invisible to everyone except for myself.

2 years ago I came out as transgender. That 2 years ago made me lose everyone. All my friends left me because they said I am a girl and always will be one...I am not though...

I am a boy but born in the wrong body. I didn't change who I was. I have forever and always been a man. But by transitioning like this I've become invisible.

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