Agreed Upon
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A story of my foolishness.

Agreed Upon

I cry for happy endings

I cry for sad ones

I cry over nothing

I cry over nothing I cry

And I’ve stopped wondering why

It’s you.

It’s always been you.

But it’s never been me.


You don’t look at me twice

You don’t see my eyes,

my smile,

my heart that’s constantly on my sleeve

You don’t notice my laugh

Or the joy you bring me

You don’t notice any of it

And you never will

While my heart sings at the slightest look,

the smallest compliment,

the warmest hug


sits still and silent in your chest

No you won’t notice

No you won’t notice that even though I’m exhausted,

that I’ll stay up

for you

No it doesn’t matter

No it doesn’t matter what ever you need

I’m there

And surely doesn’t make a difference that I stand up for you

despite all the shit you put me through


No none of this matters because

To you

I’m just a girl that foolishly decided to feel more than we had agreed upon.

How silly of me.

How stupid can I be?

To think that a boy like you

To think that a boy like you could ever see a girl like me

as anything but a friend

I guess this is part of growing up right?

Well I hope I’ve learned my lesson.

But, unfortunately,

But, unfortunately, you will never learn yours.

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