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In that moment, Sebastian felt more alive than he had in a century.

My Vampire Lover

Sebastian looked her in the eye, a sense of longing mixed with a sense of apprehension.

"I don't want to hurt you" he whispered, as the lips speaking the words edged closer to the rosey lips across from him.

"I know, but I want this. I trust you."

As their lips touched, a force greater than either of them kept them locked in the embrace, Amelia's soft, warm hands brushing against the cold, pale skin of her lover.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, body shaking with the work of keeping back his every carnal urge.

Without a word, Amelia answered his question.

Her hands moved down to the buttons of his pants, fumbling as she kept eye contact with him.

His warm grin spread across his face as Amelia's cheeks turned red, and he helped her complete the task.

Now both laid clad in only their underwear, the two shared a moment of silent connection, eyes locked together, unable to tear away.

Amelia drew in every detail of his face, focusing her attention on his eyes, so deeply brown she felt that she could fall forever into them.

His gaze, locked for so long on hers, moved down to her lips as he pulled her in for the kiss he had been hoping to give her for so long; more forceful, more sexual, more intense.

"I'll be gentle" he whispered as he climbed slowly atop her, appreciating the golden hue of her warm skin, taking in every inch of her curved body

"I know you will" Amelia's voice whispered back. There was a slight shake to her, but her confidence still echoed in her tone

With a moment of consideration, Sebastian placed himself slowly inside of her. The warmth of her body spread through him and he felt more alive than he had in a century.

As he began to thrust slowly, the moans escaping Amelia's lips brought him back to the reality of the moment; he must be gentle, be careful, be slow.

He must not lose control, he must not hurt the most precious thing in his world.

His body asked for more, ached for him to use every ounce of his true strength to take his own pleasure, but he resisted.

He continued to move slowly, watching as Amelia's smile spread and she locked eyes upon him once again.

"I love you" she whispered tentatively

"I love you too" he replied, the pressure of his restraint clear in his voice

Amelia reached slowly to the dresser, careful not to remove Sebastian from his position.

"What are you looking for?" he asked, but to no avail

Moments later, panic and excitement in equal measure spread through his body as he saw a small penknife in her hand

"No, what are you doing?"

Without a word, she drew the knife slowly to the crook of her neck, not taking her eyes from Sebastian.

"No" he said, more forcefully this time, pulling his body from Amelia's.

It was no good, her legs wrapped around him as she pulled him back into her. Without using his strength, he was powerless, and if he used his strength, he might hurt her.

"I trust you" Amelia mouthed, drawing the knife closer into her skin

"I don't trust myself, Amelia" Sebastian replied, breath shaking with the desire to control the urge creeping up inside of him

"I want you to drink from me, Sebastian. I trust you. Can you trust me?"

"I - we - I - yes." he stuttered

And with a small grin, Amelia pushed the knife into her neck, drawing blood from a small incision.

Sebastian fought for a moment, fearful of the result of giving in to this offering, but it was no good.

The sweet smell of her blood and the sensation of being at one with her was overpowering. He lent down and began to drink slowly from her neck.

A small gasp escaped Amelia's lips as she began to move her body in sync with his, thrusting slowly, deeply, intensely as he drank.

His thrusts became stronger, more powerful. She gasped and groaned as the sensation deep within her grew, and she bit down hard on her lip, drawing blood.

Sebastian raised his head curiously, a small fleck of blood still on his lips.

Amelia was feeling weak now, but not from the loss of blood.

She was feeling overwhelmed with the building feeling of total euphoria within her, as she silently willed Sebastian to push through his fears and take her completely.

As though hearing her thoughts, he pulled himself close to her, kissing her bloody lip and running his tongue along the small gash that her teeth had made moments before.

His thrusts built as he kissed her, moans escaping her lips into his mouth.

Their bodies entwined, pleasure building and overwhelming, Amelia felt a rush of release as she flew high over the edge, climaxing loudly as she dug her nails deep into Sebastian's back.

His silent, brooding demeanor disappeared as he looked deeply into her eyes, a look Amelia had never seen before across his face, as he joined her in the euphoria of climax.

For what could have been hours the lovers simply stared deeply into each other's eyes, bodies flooding with wave after wave of pleasure, before finally Amelia spoke.

"I told you I could trust you" she said as she breathed heavily, recovering her body from the high she had just experienced.

Sebastian merely smiled in response, gazing deeply into her eyes. Amelia felt weak, her body shaking slightly, blood still dripping from the gash in her neck.

"Here" Sebastian said, offering her his wrist. She drank deeply for a moment, feeling the power of his blood heal her wounds, and a sense of overwhelming power within her.

"Thanks" she gasped as she drew her head away from his wrist, already healed over with no sign of the bite marks that had been there just seconds before.

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