Fathers Leave.
Fathers Leave.  daddyissues stories

older_sister If happily ever after did exist...
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Fathers leave.

Fathers Leave.

Fathers leave.

You walked away, you left.

You leave me here to fix the broken pieces that you left behind.

You left heartbreak, you left sadness, you left pain.

You left your daughter and found a new family.

You left me behind, you left me behind in the storm.

You left and forgot about my dreams, my hopes, my talents.

It's like, I'm not even your daughter anymore. I wish you could know how that feels, but I love you too much to hurt you.

I know you've been through stuff, but so have I!


How long is it going to take you to see that?

+++++++++++++++++++++++ The End

Hi! This is a bit of a vent, the daddy issues are hitting me hard today- Umm, also comment, do y'all want the story where I found out my dad got married? Its kinda funny ngl- Also, if you understand how this feels, or ever need to talk: My PMs are always open.

I understand how hard it is to forgive, especially someone who hurt you really bad. Just make sure that you've forgiven yourself. Love, Lily (The older sister of commaful)

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