Unconditional Love
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old_friend8 I love poetry, and I hope you do too. :)
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This poem is for my grandma and my everlasting love for her. Sometimes we are clueless about these secret life lessons. Please feel free to critique or complement it all helps!

Unconditional Love

On a lamp lit day, when I have come from the depths of outside.

You greet me with a warm face, and shiny eyes.

Your eyes, like pearls that have had their fair share of life.

Unlike a regular blank face your default is one with a smile.

And unlike confidential files your secrets are spilled like water.

We gather around the half broken table and start a puzzle.

Half broken hands teaching me the instructions of puzzles.

Where I would say "puzzles don't have instructions".

Then you would reply with a nod and a smile

Sometimes I am broken, and it is not clear how I would fix myself.

"There are simply no instructions" I would say.

Although, I still nod my head and smile.

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