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ohmysadnessI'm better at writing than at expressing
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You're probably wondering what the fuck did I wrote about my boyfriend's jacket. should know it's not just a jacket
Idk if you'll understand this but I posted it anyway.

Your jacket

by ohmysadness

So...I finally handed you your jacket

You’re like “what do you mean, why is that so important, it is only my (favourite) jacket”

But you should know it’s not just a jacket that you handed your girlfriend anymore

With your jacket, I also handed you the place where I slept in, every night

the place where my tears fell - some that you know and some that you have no idea they happened to fall from my eyes and why

the place where I cleaned my tears

the place where I putted my hands to keep them warm

the place where I putted my hands just for fun

the place where I putted my hands because I didn’t know where to put them

the place where I hid my cuts

the place where I did Skype with you

the place where I spent my entire weekends;

Now that you have this jacket back, you have a part of me too

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