Just a bit closer.
Just a bit closer. boner stories

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Everyone almost always steals a look. A look that can excite lives and lift up hopes in any situation.

Just a bit closer.

Her attention was diverted. The all interesting book suddenly seemed distracting from her pleasant view.

Just a head tilt was all that took to feast on that incredible boner that the guy had on the adjacent bench.

Joggers were still yet to explore the park, and she enjoyed the solitude on most days, all by herself, reading a book and dreaming.

But today, she couldn't but help look at that magnificent protrusion from his short shorts which were apparently sticking out even though he was sitting cross-legged,

probably scrolling his Instagram on his phone.

The words seemed foggy despite her best attention to keep reading and not tilt. Putting on the bravest face she continued staring at her measly book trying to daydream by force.

A few seconds passed and she did tilt, finally, only to be caught by the neighbour staring at her rather seriously.

Her lips had to bite, exactly at this moment, and the guy realized his state no sooner he locked his phone, smiling rather sheepishly at the delicate grin playing across her cheeks.

He was obviously sweating, which was a good sign the boner would last, and so she closed her book rather dominantly, and fixated her gaze as she crossed her hands,

revealing slightly plump breasts. Shy as a fox, he looked downward unable to face her while trying to hide it between those strong thighs.

She giggled and it drove him crazy as it twitched harder as he stole a glance of her bountiful breasts which showed well even over her undercoat.

Trying to shift his legs unsuccessfully he realized this wouldn't subside so quickly and he couldn't possibly run at this state.

He turned down to see the sly lady now at the edge of her bench, looking away but smacking her lips occasionally.

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