"Dear, The New Year"
"Dear, The New Year" poem stories

oh_no I'm not a poet, I'm a hobbyist.
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This poem was cursing in it.
I am aware it's not a very good poem.
I thought this would make a good song.

"Dear, The New Year"

‘15 was a shit show ‘16 totally sucked ‘17 was miserable In ‘18, we were fucked ‘19 was was horrifying It felt like floating in the void I don’t think I can do it anymore I think I’ll be destroyed In 2020

I’m not ready For 2020 Please hide me From 2020

What will the future bring? I know we’ll never know I’m frightened, totally terrified What if it never snows? Or the sun never shines again I know the Earth is dying In 2020, Please promise me You won’t leave me crying

I’m so afraid Of 2020 The New Year’s a monster Oh, 2020

I hope it’s the year of great things Maybe we’ll develop wings We can fly away And everything will be okay You can’t hide from time But I will try Because each new year Fills me with fear

I know it’s not your fault Dear, 2020 Time doesn’t make me fail So, 2020 Forgive me for my whining In 2020 I promise I’ll start trying.

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