You could be anyone
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ofthewolves 19 | Slytherin | est 10th July 2016
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You could be anyone

by ofthewolves

I've always wondered if i disappeared

who could i be

when you realise

You could be anyone

A clean slate An invented past

Drop off the grid and go somewhere new

Somewhere no one would think to look for you

Somewhere where you could be whoever you wanted to be

A new face in a small town

Or one of many in a big city

that power in your hands

the power to become anyone you wanted to be

choose a persona

and be them .

How would it feel like to just leave and start anew somewhere far far away

Somewhere far or near Where you could be anyone

A new beginning A new chance to do things you've never done

Who would you be ?

Where would you go ?

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