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by ofthewolves

There's a Supermoon tonight

The closest it's been in 68 years

The next time it's this close will be 18 years from now

18 years later

If I was still alive, I'd be 36

In 18 years

I might be married, I might have a steady career, I might have kids, I might be living abroad or I might be still here

In 18 years, my dogs will be dead

And I might not remember them daily, or I might still be mourning them

In 18 years

I might not even be friends with the people I call my best friends today. Some of them might be dead, some of them might be doing much better than I will be

So many possibilities

Of what the next 18 years hold for me

So many things will have changed

In 18 years I will be someone entirely different

I wonder if she will look back

To the last time the moon was this close

And think about

That girl sitting in her bed typing her thoughts in a small corner of Singapore, cuddling her dogs and studying for her A levels

Or will she not care at all

Burdened by the responsibilities of adult life

One things for sure

The next time the moon is this close, in 18 years

Nothing will be the same

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