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ofthewolves 19 | Slytherin | est 10th July 2016
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just some feelings about the Manchester Attack. I do not pretend that I know how it feels first hand, this is just how I internalize it thousands of miles away. so helpless and I'm so sorry to those who had to be involved


by ofthewolves

Can you imagine being so excited for a concert nothing else mattered

Can you imagine that day arriving and you are finally going to see someone you've been listening to for real

Can you imagine having the best night of your life

And it ending

You start to feel the post concert depression, and as you walk out of the best night of your life

You hear screams, and not of joy or admiration, but of fear

You feel something rip through your chest as thousands of shrapnels are reaching for your heart

Your head

Your arms and legs

Can you imagine the best night of your life turning into your last

How did such a place of joy and celebration become a place of death

Can you imagine the lives that were cut short

The families that were ripped apart

The dreams that died

I can't pretend to know how it feels, or to understand the loss that these people feel

But we can remember

Remember how something so pure became washed in shades of red

And how people so young left

With so many things they haven't done, people they haven't loved, and places they haven't seen

And the people who walked away with their souls intact

Will forever be scarred by that night

That night that turned love into hate

Can you imagine thinking ' it could've been me' and never ever seeing concerts the same way again

The some that will never attend another concert for fear of memories arising

Can you imagine

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