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ofmicenmonsters 19 // (semi-hiatus)
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an excerpt from a tormented night

dull ache

i remember the dull feeling in my chest,

the sick spiraling in my head,

the way i uttered my words

as if they don't and will never mean anything anymore.

i remember the guilt,

i remember the pain.

it never really left me,

it lingered on to haunt me.

they catch me during silent nights,

my lonely days.

when i find myself staring at the ceiling

in the early mornings,

they creep on me,

they engulf me.

and it hurt to breathe,

to think,

to be.

i would love to say

i’ve sailed further than i have ever been,

but the tides pull me back to shore every time.

to swim against the currents

knocked me out of my senses,

maybe even got me feeling too confident

to be on my own.

but they always get to me.

they always do.

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