never to fade away
never to fade away sad stories

of_etoiles12 | wonder what's above
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it seems that the feeling of his rough hands will never fade away.

never to fade away

they say i tell lies, lies that if believed will ruin lives.

they do not care about my life.


the truth.

the truth is,

that it happened,

it really did.

but no one likes to admit there's bad in the world.


that one horrible day.

all gone wrong.

i look back and wonder at how i could've felt so happy just that morning

so hopeful of the day to come.



stupid, stupid,

stupid, stupid, stupid.


it's over now, anyway.

i try to convince myself of it

but the truth is it will never be over

that moment will keep appearing in my dreams

no, nightmares.

that face popping up in my sleep

scaring me so deeply

but i cannot awake

i cannot escape

from this nightmarish reality.


i will wake,

early morning,

long before dawning light.

and i will resist the urge to run to the bathroom

and try to wash away the feeling of him.

and i will cry,

silently sobbing,

in the middle of the night.

and i will hide away my tears.

i will pretend that everything is okay.

i will wash away the redness around my eyes.


i cannot escape the feeling of his touch.

i cannot escape the feeling of dirtiness i carry around with me now

never to ever fade away.

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