Hurricane Joe: Laid
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"I got laid last night." Joe said. Dean takes no notice.

Hurricane Joe: Laid

"I got laid last night." Joe said.

Dean takes no notice.

"Hey, I got laid last night." Joe said snapping his fingers.

"I heard you, I just don't care. Dean stated.

"Hickory drickory dock, the girl jumped on my cock." Joe rhymed.

"Seriously, why do you tell me these things?" Dean asked.

"You know what they say, 'he who speaks last has the upperhand'." Joe claimed.

"No one says that." Dean replied.

"So I'm sitting there for an hour and a half waiting for her to break the silence..."

"So in other words, you're treating the date like it's a fight?" Dean scowled.

"And I'm like let's get my date a wine, 'cause you know that this. Joe acts like he's drinking a glass."

"Leads to bowchicawowwow." Joe continued.

"You are a horrible person." Dean said angrily.

"So I decide to give her a test of loyalty, see if she's really in it for the long Paul."

"Not a single thing you did would give her any reason to stay in it for the long haul." Dean argued.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Thursday Morning Quarterback." Joe said mockingly.

"It's Tuesday." Dean argued, rapidly losing his patience.

"So I hold out a wad of 500 smallers, I tell her she can have the money if she leaves and never sees me again, meaning no second date.

"She took the money, and you went home, jerked off" Dean claimed.

"Hey, spoilers!" Joe scremead covering his ears.

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