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oddvortex weirdness is the gateway to the mind.
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There are things that we can't comprehend. Things that are more powerful than we can imagine. We aren't ready to find them yet.


I stared at it. Into it. A gigantic colorful cloud of particles. In it, I could see everything to ever exist and everything that ever has existed.

I saw stars, galaxies, people, animals, universes, planets and more, more, more. I floated there, in the middle of empty space. I was in the void, entranced by the astral thing.

I realized that this was more powerful than any God could ever be. It was our master. It was the source of everything. But no one knows that. No one except me.

They all turn to their puny gods, but they don't realize it. They don't realize that this entity is the one they should be worshipping.

Their Gods shiver and whimper when they come across this being. I wanted to touch it. Hug it. Be one with it. I needed the Astral One. It saves. Creates. Destroys.

Hail the Astral One.

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