Now all he has to do is act on it.
Chapter 4: Contemplation myheroacademia stories

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Katsuki spends alot of time thinking. Finally, he comes to terms with his feelings. What will he do about it?

Now all he has to do is act on it.

Chapter 4: Contemplation

Katsuki couldn't concentrate on his training. He had been spending more time on the training grounds, yet less and less of it actually progressing. He thought of it this way.

At least he was getting his aggression out.

He didn't know how he felt about this whole situation with Todoroki. He has been in love with Izuku for as long as he's known what love was.

He never really thought about how he felt about anyone else.

He generally wasn't good at talking to people, so he didn't get along with a lot of them, meaning he got used to people not liking him and when people dont like you,

it doesn't matter to them how you feel.

He worked well with Todoroki. He'd never admit it out loud, but he knew it was true. He didn't seem to be repelled by his abrasive personality either.

On another hand, hero relationships and romantic relationships were very different.

He was good with Izuku. He had longed for what he has with Izuku now for years. But he never thought about Todoroki in that way. Could he be in a relationship with someone other than Izuku?

Todoroki is strong. He does what needs to be done. He has protected Izuku more times than Katsuki could count. He's saved my ass a few times too.

He thinks, though he doesn't do it beforehand like Katsuki and Izuku do, he always figures something out as he's charging in. He also takes no shit.

Katsuki, whether he liked to admit it or not, admired Todoroki. But did he have the capacity to love him?

He's perceptive. He knows what's going on in your head always, though he's socially inept and doesn't really know how to communicate it to people. He was like Katsuki in that way.

He looked around the training grounds. Kirishima was a ways away trying to strengthen his hardening by hacking away at some rock. Izuku was jumping around, just straight out exercising.

And not too far away was Todoroki himself. He was standing in the center of a large puddle of water.

He was trying to further his quirk by continuously producing ice from his right while hot flames glowed on his left.

He looked so into what he was doing that he didn't even notice the pain. That couldn't be healthy. Not that Katsuki could lecture about healthy habits. Despite that he looked almost serene.

Like he was at peace with himself.

Katsuki looked away when he realised he was staring.

He stopped thinking and continued training. He blew everything up. Everything.


Katsuki couldn't sleep that night. He was mulling over everything in his head.

He thought about Todoroki. He thought about everything Izuku said. About how he feels about the both of them.

And finally. After hours and hours of overthinking things.

He came to terms with it.

He knew how he felt.

Now all he has to do is act on it.

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