Roses Are red :

Roses Are red : blood stories
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odamn dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17
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Abusive relationship, selfharm

Roses Are red :

Roses Are red

Violets are blue

I hurt myself

But you hurt me too

You told me to go fuck myself because we were over and done

And even now when you’re gone

I keep thinking of when you were here

And the madness you made and how you always would sneer

When I told you I didn’t want you to treat me the way that you did

And how days would go by while crying the tears that I hid

Away from you because you’d only laugh in my face

Oh what a disgrace

I was when I started to cut up my arms

The pain that I had was made into scars that started alarms

For the people who cared and saw scared to go near you

Now my arms are red

From the blood I shed

Because of the pain you put me through.

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