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oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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Feeling/being toxic for someone but loving them more.

Your ocean

by lbingamen

I am

A junkie with a wrench and a pencil slowly beginning to dismantle every nut and bolt of your ship that attempts to carry you through

You call me your peach but I am your ocean that pushes and turns you until I sync with your motions. You say i'm leech sucking you dry of the calm out of your life

But how can you mean that when you scream I love you with your eyes?

Am I

Am I made of light or another black hole? Its getting harder to see through the smoke. Am I still pure, or have I gone bad? I always thought you liked me like that.

Sometimes I live on how much you love me. But sometimes it feels like I cannot breathe. Because the wait of everything begins to slowly suffocate me.

Sometimes I live on how much you love me. And I'll use your eyes to see a new me. And I'll try to never leave you in the evening, and I'll always adore you in the morning.

I'll always adore you in the morning

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