Watch out
Watch out love stories

oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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The chase

Watch out

Watch out boy i'll run you down Without one thought to turn around Because i've been all over you and this town

I've got to go no minutes note Because this week i'm more high than low So goodbye i'm on the go

Don't think for a minute That you beat me to my limits Because i've got my guns I am my fun And I have no fucking limits

Guess it took you a minute To just appreciate it

So watch out boy i'm coming for you And you better be careful because if there's one thing I can see through Its a broken man with some bad daddy issues

Because i've got those and mommies too And with my suns direction it brought me to you So you better run because i'm after you

But I can't hold on I only give so i'll be here just a minute Love on the run a trickling bandit I cant hold on i'll only stay a minute

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