Time to Let it Be
Time to Let it Be  sad stories

oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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Letting an unhealthy relationship be.

Time to Let it Be

by lbingamen

My father once told me You have to trap the mole or he'll keep digging holes And you can't dance with the devil without paying a few tolls

There is a slight comedy in everything But it can be hard to see And I know its one thing to say goodbye and another to let it be

Well when you were High you told me you loved me But you should love everything And when you were drunk you claimed you needed me But you need something not to think

I will not be your pick me up When my life is passing as I blink I will not be your pick me up Because you can't pick up a thing

God I know I'd love you more If I was born With a different brain And I keep on turning But every direction is starting to look the same

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