The girl with bees in her belly
The girl with bees in her belly honey stories

oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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My words are sweet as honey. Trying to describe someone giving you a lot to say/feel. Not wanting it to end.

The girl with bees in her belly

by lbingamen

You've had me choking on honeycombs And the wax is in my teeth

I know soon the bees will come And they'll be looking for me

Oh they want their sugar And I don't need cavities

So i'll open my mouth and let them have it And they will live inside me

I will be the girl with bees in her belly And when I cough some will leave

Even though I can't help it I'll lose some parts of me

Though it hurts when they sting I just want them to stay

I will miss my honey Because its the only thing you gave

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