Ice cream
Ice cream  wrecked stories

oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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seems some can’t keep up

Ice cream

I had a somber realization While watching ice-cream melt It’s weird to already know I’ll never feel how I once felt

You’ll never get back that first high Or the pain of the first time you say goodbye

but you can keep on reaching trying to get higher bleeding out joy searching for a greener pasture because you only have the first time and then time only goes faster

And I had another blue conclusion It’s strange talking to faces I know Yet they are not the same person

But if he’s in front of me where did he go? And what do I do with an illusion?

Seems some people can’t keep up with the times At this point last year I swear they were fine But I guess some people can’t keep up with the times Another one bites the dust, another love I leave behind

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