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oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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young and colorful love... Having to grow but not without imagination


I always dreamt and prayed about love How it was smiles and sparklers with turtle doves

But I never thought i'd hold it in my arms We're just kids in love what could be the harm

I'll touch your heart with fingerpaints And we'll play tag and run this place

Because you're the comfort of my favorite blanket And i'm the puzzle you'll never quite get

I'll paint your heart with red and gold Not just because I know your soul

But I know how big and bold you can grow When you know what you want

We may be kids but its only the start

We'll grow and grow two birds a feather Sacrifices with innocence sweet surrenders

Just two kids with love to give Playing until we know what our purpose is

So you can paint my heart green and blue A natural feeling you can see through

I'll live and dance in our debauchery As long as he is here with me

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