Failing Phoenix
Failing Phoenix sad stories

oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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About a relationship changing you- for better or worse. And after the break up not knowing what to do with yourself- the new self that remains. Basically an uncontrolled self transformation..

Failing Phoenix

by lbingamen

Will it be me that you remember? That girl I was this last Decemeber

Where I rose there still lay my embers And with ashes in my pocket I pray you remember

On these lonely nights I pull at my new feathers

They say you need to rise from the ashes So maybe i'll start again with a box of matches

I know that flame is not the same But i'm not the same without you

Even though you flew away I know the blame is mine too

Failing Phoenix with no where to go And I can no longer balance on the tips of my toes

It's hard to take flight with nothing left

Because when you went All you left was unrest

When you went all you left was unrest

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