confession to the moon
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oceansvixen a gentle violence with heaven’s essence
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love and silver spoons

confession to the moon

Think lately I’ve been a ghost to myself My conscience has been on mute I feel like I keep testing myself And there’s some guns you shouldn’t shoot

So my weapons and my pride are laid out on the table And Then I go into the living room, I turn on Cats in the Cradle

And I’ll lose myself in it, I’ll probably be off tune But i’m the girl in blue and you’re my man on the moon

And I learned there’s some guns you shouldn’t shoot And you keep promising things will improve And I’m waiting, i’m fading, my conscience still on mute I’m here waiting and you’re still on the damn moon

And I’m wondering when we’re gonna have a good time, when? Because I might not be all me by then By the time you land there will be no silver spoon By the time you land there may be no more tunes

If you ever even decide to land there’s no telling who will lose There’s just some guns you shouldn’t shoot And I laid my weapons on the table such a long time ago for you Screw the stars you know I’m confessing to the moon

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